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HUSHAWA- Ihr Cloud Recruitment Partner
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We help IT & HR leaders hire cloud infrastructure specialists and executives, both for permanent positions

within 30 days and as freelancers within 7 days – and all on fair terms!

Current IT market situation in Germany

The IT sector in Germany in focus:
Analysis and coping strategies

Overcome these challenges together with HUSHAWA

According to a current Bitkom study, 97% of the 850 companies surveyed have the following challenges when filling IT vacancies!

Salary expectations do not match the salary structure or qualifications
Overcome together with HUSHAWA

Optimal salary strategies

In-depth salary analyzes & market research, advice and support in salary negotiations
Applicants do not have the necessary soft skills
Overcome together with HUSHAWA

Soft skills-based personnel pre-selection

Behavioral interview questions, assessment centers, personality tests and reference checks
You don't make personnel decisions quickly enough
Overcome together with HUSHAWA

Efficient collaboration and communication

Involvement of decision-makers, transparent communication, prioritization and use of technologies
Candidates are not willing to travel or move
Overcome together with HUSHAWA

Targeted personnel pre-selection

Targeted selection of regional candidates willing to travel as well as advice on incentives and flexible working models
Applicants are technically over- or under-qualified
Overcome together with HUSHAWA

Technically based personnel pre-selection

Competency-based interviews, reference checks and targeted questioning techniques in the context of specific positions
You cannot meet the requirements for mobile working
Overcome together with HUSHAWA

Best practices

Targeted selection of regional candidates, as well as raising awareness of best practices and possible working models

Senior & Executive Search

You set the technological cloud focus and we find the right ones

freelancer or permanent employee Talents as specialists or managers!

Together with HUSHAWA to find your ideal candidate

The path to your dream candidate

Discreet and serious candidate search

After a personal briefing, the search begins by comparing it with my extensive applicant pool of qualified specialists and managers. At the same time, I use my network and various channels for candidate research. I take care of discreetly approaching potential candidates and, depending on the agreement, design and place job advertisements.

Conducting individual interviews

After identifying suitable and interested candidates, I personally conduct detailed interviews and make an initial selection of applicants using individual interviews.

Submission of suitable applicant profiles

I will provide you with a pre-selection of suitable candidates based on detailed written applicant profiles. These contain, among other things, information on professional and social skills as well as information on motivation to change and salary expectations in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

Candidate presentation

You select the candidates who are most interesting to you and whom you can get to know in an interview accompanied by me. Based on my careful pre-selection, you will usually receive 2-5 suitable candidate profiles.

Supporting the recruitment and onboarding process

Once you have found a suitable candidate, I offer assistance with contract negotiations and other aspects of the hiring process. In addition, I accompany you and the candidate during the onboarding process and maintain regular contact during the first few months to ensure that both sides are satisfied with the placement.

Welcome to HUSHAWA

As a human resources manager, you know how crucial it is to have suitable specialists and managers who not only lead your company into a successful future, but also fit seamlessly into your corporate culture and share your vision. Top talents are often not actively looking and only signal their potential willingness to change within a familiar circle. Identifying and convincing these talents requires a significant investment of time and energy that many companies cannot cover due to staffing or budget constraints.


This is exactly where my expertise comes in:

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Your Advantages

Access to highly qualified candidates

Receive candidate suggestions that exactly match your needs and come from candidates who behave passively on the market and discreetly signal to me that they are willing to change.

Quick and uncomplicated setting

Focus on your core business and rely on my expertise to hire top talent within 30 days (for permanent positions) and 7 days (for freelance positions).

Budget security

Only receive candidate suggestions that are within your budget to ensure your financial stability, competitiveness and long-term viability.



The non-binding recruitment interview gives you the opportunity to get to know me as a headhunter, discuss your needs and ask questions, e.g. my initial assessment of your search, proven recruiting strategies, the recruiting process, costs and contractual conditions, etc. in order to decide whether to work together makes sense.

It’s worth hiring a headhunter if you need highly qualified candidates for difficult-to-fill positions, have time-sensitive hiring, require specialized expertise, require discretion and confidentiality, or are faced with high turnover. A headhunter can help you speed up the recruiting process, improve the quality of hires, and achieve long-term success for your company.

Headhunters may seem expensive at first glance, but their added value for specific vacancies often exceeds the opportunity costs of not filling them, such as a delayed launch of new products, technologies or services, a lack of innovation, growth potential or IT security, inefficient business processes or a lower competitiveness in the market.

Headhunter sind darauf spezialisiert, hochqualifizierte Fach- und Führungskräfte für Schlüsselpositionen zu finden, was die Qualität der Einstellungen verbessert und langfristige Erfolge für Ihr Unternehmen ermöglicht. Durch ihren Zugang zu einem breiten Netzwerk von Kandidaten und ihre Fähigkeit, passive Talente anzusprechen, bieten sie eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, qualifizierte Bewerber zu finden, die sonst möglicherweise übersehen würden. 

To recognize a good headhunter, you should consider several criteria. First of all, the experience and reputation of the headhunter is crucial. Check their track record and look for positive recommendations or reviews from other companies. It is also important that the headhunter has industry knowledge that fits your industry and the specific requirements of your position. A broad network and diverse recruiting methods are also crucial to finding highly qualified candidates. The headhunter’s communication and transparency should be open and regular so that you stay informed about the progress. Confidentiality is another important consideration, especially when it comes to sensitive information. Make sure that the headhunter works discreetly and protects your data. Last but not least, the customer service and commitment of the headhunter is crucial. He should be committed to your needs and provide excellent service. By considering these criteria, you can identify a good headhunter who can help you find highly qualified candidates for your open positions.

Although this case has not occurred in recent years, the placement fee is waived if an applicant does not show up. As part of our professional approach, we ensure that we carefully monitor the recruitment process, maintain clear communication with applicants and take appropriate legal protection measures.

The client always receives the original profile from the candidate. A HUSHAWA cover sheet is added in which the technical and soft skills as well as personal information (reason for the change, salary expectations, willingness to travel, etc.) are summarized

Success-based: With this model, the customer only pays the headhunter a commission or a success fee if the placement is successful. This means that the customer only pays if the headhunter has found a suitable candidate who is hired. This model minimizes financial risk for the client as they only pay if successful, but the success fee may be higher to compensate for the headhunter’s risk.


Retainer: With this model, the customer pays the headhunter a fee in advance to secure their services and start the search for suitable candidates. This fee is often included as part of the total cost when the client hires a candidate. The retainer model offers the headhunter a certain level of financial security and enables more intensive and long-term collaboration, but can be more expensive for the client as the fee is paid regardless of success.

Retainer search mandate:
  1. Long-term collaboration: If you want a long-term partnership with the headhunter and need to fill positions regularly, a retainer search mandate can make sense. This enables ongoing collaboration and ongoing access to highly qualified candidates.
  2. Hard to fill positions: For positions that are difficult to fill or require specific expertise, a retainer model may be a better option. It offers the headhunter the financial security to invest time and resources in the search for suitable candidates without being dependent on success.
  3. Exclusive priority: A retainer model can offer the customer exclusive priority when searching for candidates. The headhunter will focus more on the brief and may provide a dedicated consultant to meet the client’s needs.
Success-based search mandate:
  1. Limited Budget: If you have a limited budget or don’t want to take a risk without finding a suitable candidate, a performance-based search mandate may be a better choice. You only pay a fee if you are successful, which minimizes the financial risk.
  2. Short-term needs: For urgent or short-term staffing needs that require rapid staffing, a performance-based model may be more appropriate. It allows for faster search and selection of candidates as the headhunter is motivated to fill the position quickly in order to receive the commission.
  3. Transparent performance evaluation: A performance-based model allows the customer to evaluate the headhunter’s performance based on actual results. You only pay for the successful placement of a candidate, which increases transparency and trust in the service.


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